science without the superiority complex

A skincare company that cares about skin?

It's an open industry secret that almost every skincare brand outsources the formulation and production of their products.

Making real science-based skincare is a delicate and dedicated process. The same ingredient from two different suppliers can drastically change a product. It's the kind of detail you notice when you test 300 prototypes before taking a product for market.

The point is this: we exist in an industry that spends more time thinking about how to market a product than how to make it. And we're trying to make it better by doing something different.

Hard Science + Clean Conscience

We didn't set out to manufacture our own products or build our own lab. It would have been so much easier not to.

But because of our experience in the industry, and after extensive vetting, we knew we couldn't trust a third party to stick to our obsessive standards.

That's why we formulate and produce everything we sell ourselves in our Toronto lab.

How we're trying to be different.

Every Regimen Lab product starts with science. We never include ingredients just for vanity or label appeal. If it isn’t essential to the formula, you won’t find it in the product.

Every active ingredient we use is backed by peer-reviewed science (e.g. clinical trials). And we don't dilute the good stuff. We list the % of key ingredients so you don't have to take our word for it.

We also put a lot of care and research into how we deliver actives to the skin. Our products always have the proper pH and delivery mechanisms to ensure that they stay as stable and effective as the day we made them.

We believe you're a scientist too

We do an unthinkable amount of testing to make sure our products really work the way they should. But all our research, formulation, and testing mean nothing if a product doesn't work for you.

That's why we’re always looking for skincare geeks to help us test early versions of future products.

Product Philosophy

Science first.

Research always comes before product development. We start with the best studies available and work from there. Not the other way around.

Be better or don’t bother.

We only make products when we know we can do something significantly better than the status quo. We don’t follow trends just to sell more.

Dream Team > Hero ingredient.

Skincare doesn't have to be so confusing. Our products focus on a single concern and use all the science we have to address it.

We hide nothing.

We’ll always tell you what’s in our products, what isn’t, and why. Each ingredient is evaluated for efficacy and safety. If the facts change, so will our products.

Better inputs = Better outputs.

We make our products ourselves, and we see the difference that the same ingredient from a superior supplier can make.

Free from fear mongering.

We're obsessed with quality and that's how we sell products. People shouldn't be scared into buying a skincare product.