how we got here

Our skincare journey started the same way everyone’s does - on a quest for better skin. And, like many people, we were confused about which products would get us there. 

When we looked into it, we realized that so few brands were using real, rigorous science in their products. We figured out that the same few factories were making both the cheap stuff and the expensive stuff. And none of them were truly using effective formulations and concentrations.

It didn’t matter if the package had a doctor on it or was “all natural”, the product inside was mostly the same - the same low quality, and the same high price.

So we wrangled up some research on the skincare problems we wanted to solve for ourselves and headed to our university’s lab to try to make some products of our own.

And they worked. And we liked them. And our friends loved them. So did our friends’ friends. And it wasn’t long before people were asking to buy them.

We decided that we were on to something. So we got our own lab and created Regimen.

Then things got real. We (and a lot of scientist friends) got to work, pulling all nighters doing research and formulating products. 

After obsessing over the research, we obsessed over the product. How it felt, the way it absorbed, how it layered with other products. We reached out to a few friends and skincare geeks to help test them, and soon we had hundreds of people testing thousands of iterations of our products.

And that’s how we ended up with the products we have today. 

But our skincare journey isn’t over. So every day we’re learning more, trying more, and making more. 

Regimen Lab is a constant work in progress. That’s the very nature of science. That’s what we love about it. And we hope you’ll enjoy learning, trying, and being a scientist too.